Leah Kay – Brand Builder Academy

Open Your Online Brand. Make Sales Wherever You Have Wifi. Use The Same Blueprint That Made Me Millions.

Tired of trading your time for a paycheck?

Are you working day-in and day-out, just for a paycheck that barely gets you by?

You need to build an income stream that makes sales while you sleep.

I started my own online brand in January 2019 with only $300 in my pocket and scaled it into a multi-million dollar brand.

After years of learning, making mistakes, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on mentors, I created Brand Builder Academy for people like you – who are just starting, perfecting their sales funnel, and starting with minimal cash

What You Get Inside Brand Builder Academy

Learn how to build a passive income that brings you sales no matter where you are. I’ll teach you how to:

Find a product that sells
Build and optimized your online storefront
Set up automatic sales funnels that convert in your sleep
Because life is meant to be lived, not to work yourself into the ground.

Don’t have a product to sell yet? Learn how to find products that sell with great profitability.

Build and optimize your online storefront.

Implement automatic sales funnels that bring happy paying customers.

Scale, reinvest, repeat. Learn my top tips for setting up automation for your workload and snowballing your inventory.

Learn from other top 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs. Hear their story, how they started, and their top tips for beginners.

Learn how to set up your LLC, how to legally take advantage of tax benefits and write offs, and more!