Jordan Platten – Affluent Academy 3

Your Instructor Jordan is an English entrepreneur, author, speaker & Internet personality. After being kicked out of university at 23 he scaled a digital marketing agency to 6 figure profits in less than 6 months. He has since generated millions in new revenue for businesses all over the globe. Jordan made it his ongoing mission … Read more

Viralish Creator – The Stcky Videos Course

Let’s get deeper into the topic of creating video content by examining the specifics of Viralish Creator, The Stcky Videos Course. You may discover that it’s the powerful tool you’ve been looking for to improve your material if you have a solid comprehension of the course. Viralish Creator: What Is It? In essence, Viralish Creator … Read more

Daniel Raim – Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting 101 Essentials

Crafting Your Documentary Story Are you staring at a blank white page and/or hours of raw footage with NO CLUE what to do next? Do you have an amazing story but struggling with how to structure all the elements into a compelling film? Are you overwhelmed with all the elements of your story and having … Read more

A Systematic Way To Scale Your Agency And Optimize It

With the Agency Scaling Simulator, you can find your hidden profits and easily create your individual KPI-roadmap to scale up in 12 months. …and you’ll understand the exact agency setup I use to scale to 4 Million EUR per year with just 2-3 hours per day. Using this tool, it will be easy for you … Read more

Bob Serling – Multi-Licensing Framework

What You Get: The Multi-Licensing Framework shows you how to realistically make more money by licensing your Intellectual Property than you make from your main business. And how anyone can do this with little cost and no risk. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover… How to determine what the best IP is to develop … Read more

Simon Coulson – AI Business Success System

Here’s What’s Included: A.I. Social Media Automation Software Allow A.I. to run your Social Media Agency seemlessly. In just a few click watch as it… Allows A.I. to generate images, videos, quotes, memes, posts, text and articals for all niches. Creates clever content to grab your audiences attention Uses A.I. Scheduling technology allowing you to … Read more

Jeff Felten – Creator’s Welcome System

EMAIL 1 : The “Welcome Email” EMAIL 2 : The “Secret Email” EMAIL 3 : The “Reminder Email” EMAIL 4 : The “Relatable Story Email” EMAIL 5 : The “Case Study Email” EMAIL 6 : The “Thought Leader Email” EMAIL 7 : The “Objection” Email EMAIL 8 : The “Sneak Peek” Email

Ken Yarmosh – Scalable Service Offers

Introduction to Ken Yarmosh’s Expertise: Ken Yarmosh, a seasoned entrepreneur and business strategist, introduces a groundbreaking course on Scalable Service Offers. Leveraging years of experience and industry insights, Yarmosh unveils strategies to drive sustainable business growth through scalable service offerings. Understanding Scalable Service Offers: Scalable Service Offers (SSOs) are tailored solutions designed to meet the … Read more

Farnam Street – Mental Model for Better Thinking

Do you spend countless hours reading, listening to podcasts, and watching informative videos… only to still feel like you’re winging it most of the time? The way you think determines everything: How you see the world How you see yourself How you process new information How you approach challenges and opportunities that come your way … Read more

Stephen Noch and Andrew Bailiff

Here’s What’s Included: This course provides comprehensive training for Amazon Advertisers, Brand Owners and Agencies, covering everything from basic to advanced strategies in Amazon advertising. This course provides the perfect balance of fundamentals and how to think as a paid media manager with an over-the-shoulder style, how-to approach. The course covers Amazon PPC basics to … Read more