Kieran Drew – Viral Inspiration Lab

What You Get:
ince starting the Lab, I’ve personally handpicked over 3,000 pieces of content to build the best idea inspiration database online.

Almost 1,000 people use it now. But it hasn’t been available directly for over 6 months. This weekend, I’m reopening access because I’m holding a live training on creativity and ‘big ideas’ for your brand for Lab customers (more on that below).Inside the Lab, you get:

Over 2,500 short-form pieces of content grouped into the 8 most popular topics that every audience enjoys… regardless of the niche!
Over 500 of the best-performing threads – arranged into ONLY 7 types of longer-form content you should be writing to get great engagement on social (trust me, don’t reinvent the wheel – just give it your unique spin)
NEW: A growing database of ‘long form’ posts that are performing well on X RIGHT NOW to see how the pros are adapting to the new algorithm… and how you can take advantage of it too!
The Lab helps you waste less time and get faster results with your writing, so it’s perfect for entrepreneurs using social media to scale their business, or creators who want to evolve into fully fledged entrepreneurs.Considering I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours building it now, I hope you can see how it might be valuable.


A LIVE training on how to use the ‘Looking Glass Technique’, unlock your creativity, improve the quality of your ideas, and build a magnetic message for your business

The more creative you are, the better your ideas, the better your business goes.You’ll be invited to an exclusive training sharing what I’ve learned about becoming a more creative, magnetic writer.This’ll include:

How to use the ‘Looking Glass Technique’ as your ‘stabilizers’ to find your writing groove fast
My favourite techniques to unlock your creativity based on personal experiments (this will be good if you want to write better content, emails, or copy – and interested in improving your routine)
What a ‘big idea’ truly is – and how to understand the underlying psychology so you can sharpen your content to slice through the noise
My never-shared-before method for ‘building a world’ around your ideas (I’ll show what I’m doing to make Digital Freedom one of the most popular concepts in our space – this goes much deeper than just having an inside joke around your brand)
A Q&A where we deep dive into your writing questions

The Fundamentals of Longer Form Content

I built this guide for thread writing last year. Threads are a little more out of fashion right now, but the principles are the same for long form posts and LinkedIn posts.You’ll learn:

How to write magnetic hooks that pull your reader’s attention away from the doom-scrolling and into your world
The real reason why long form content MUST be your focus if you want to stand out from the competition
The biggest mistake 90% of people make when they choose content topics and what you should do instead
The 10 best performing ‘big ideas’ for growth and authority and which to focus on if you have no audience (yet!)
How to structure longer form content so you can hold people’s attention until the end
How to finish your threads to guarantee a higher conversion of strangers to followers
The advice I wish I heard 2 years ago on how to go viral, grow an audience and grow with threads
(By the way, it’s super easy to convert threads into long-form posts following the same principles).


Every back issue of Fire Tweet Friday

In 2022, I sent 26 newsletters breaking down the psychology behind viral content and how you can ‘steal like an artist’ to improve your writing.This is basically the stabilizer principle in action.The emails are quick reads and explain 3 ideas per edition – so that’s 78 deep dives to help you get a firmer grasp on how to write heavy hitting content.


The Digital Storytelling Seminar

I first gave this training to my old community ‘Freedom Writers’ sharing how to build your brand with storytelling. These ideas are some of the core reasons I became a go-to voice in our space.In this 90-minute value-packed presentation, you’ll learn:

How to build your brand around “The Hero’s Journey” so your audience is hooked on your message
How to tell your story on X through simple tweets and threads… without coming across as self-absorbed
Why the “Progress in Public model” is the most powerful path for online success… and how you can do it right
How to establish yourself as a pro within your niche in half the time using the “Authority by Association” technique
How storytelling translates to business… and how to productize your progress instead of waiting for years to ‘become an expert’

The Ultimate Copywriting Resource Compilation

Copywriting is the closest you can get to a digital cheat code for your business. Even if you’re not a copywriter, you should spend the time understanding the fundamentals (it’s how you sell your ideas, products, and services).I’ve spent hundreds of hours learning copy, and I save the best resources I find so you don’t have to:

The only 10 copywriting books you should buy… And why I DON’T recommend the same stuff you see on X all the time
The email copywriter lists you NEED to sign up for if you want to see how great copy is put together every day
Over 69 podcasts JUST on copywriting that I’ve found to have seriously useful information
The YouTube channels to check out that will give 100x more value than any $1997 copywriting course
Who to follow on X to 10x your writing skills… and a compilation of the most informative copywriting threads
The greatest courses online (both free and paid) so you’re not left guessing which to give your focus
A collection of modern and old salespages for inspiration and ‘copy work’