Travis Sago – Make Em Beg to Buy

What You Get:
DIAMOND LEVEL: With Silver You’ve Got Your Hot Offer, With Gold You Become a Sales Rainmaker, Now You Create Demand on Demand – More Leads, More People to See Your Offer So Your Stripe and Paypal Notifications Go NUTZ Zongo…

NOTE if You’re New to PSM: The Phoneless Sales Machine is how we get leads from email, FB groups, Youtube, Insta, anywhere there’s an audience, qualify them over DM and then close them with Google Docs on products from $500 to $50,000 with NO PHONE CALLS!

Diamond Level entitles you to IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Tried and True PSM 2.0 + the keys to PSM 3.0 as it is being released!

What’s NEW in PSM 3.0:
*NEW BREAKTHROUGH ONE: Big Ticket sales without phone calls OR tapping either! DM and Chat sales are super fun when you’re tapping in $500 to $50,000 sales in bed watching Yellowstone. With 3.0 I’ve totally figured out how to eliminate the DMing back and forth.

There’s still a time and a place for DMs.

But I’m gonna hook you up with examples of what I’m doing to make Stripe sing without the tapping 3 Step dance.

*NEW BREAKTHROUGH TWO: More leads. Pre-sold leads. Create Demand ON Demand! Whether you’re using 2.0 with DMs or 3.0, once you’ve got your offer working you want more eyeballs to see your offer – and with earnings per click in the $50 to $100 range that I’ve been able to hit with PSM 3.0…even 10 more people a day seeing your offer is an extra $500 to $1,000 in your pocket a day.

I’ve made new breakthroughs in getting those eyeballs by what we LEAVE out, not what we add in. By doing LESS content and NOT MORE…and taking what worked and cloning it into new lead flow.

Where I used to pull 3 to 5 leads from an email or post, I often pull 30 to 50 now…with LESS SWEAT creating posts, emails and content.

*NEW BREAKTHROUGH THREE: Get PAID to grow your list, group or audience. Some folks like to pay for traffic. Some like to get it “free”. I prefer to grow AND get paid!

I’ve figured out that growing an audience from the outside-in is slow like baking traffic in a conventional oven.

Growing an audience from the inside-out nukes up traffic fast like a micro-wave.

If there’s a faster and more CONSISTENT way to grow a group, email list or any audience, I don’t know what it is. (I’ve been at this since 2004.) I’ve doubled my group size in weeks. All it cost me was a Zoom call…then…I monetize the Zoom recordings into 5 and 6 figures.

And everyone THANKS ME!

I call this an Audience, Influence, and Income Multiplier Campaign. (AIM Campaign for short)

And as awesome as a bigger audience is…the best part is the explosion in your audience’s RESPONSE RATE.

Leads, sales, referrals MULTIPLY during and after the campaign.

I don’t see ANYBODY teaching this inside-out way to GROW AND CONVERT audiences!

*NEW BREAKTHROUGH FOUR: Turns More Cold traffic into Presold Traffic EASIER and often FASTER than webinars, strategy sessions, VSLs or anything else I’ve tried since 2004.

I will NOT reveal it here because I want this to be an edge for everyone on Planet Mojo.

But all I will say is: NETFLIX EFFECT!

I can watch a cold visitor come into my funnel…watch them devour content…and next thing I know, they reach out in my DMs and say, “How can I work with you?” – I will show you lots of examples!

NEW and Expanded Million Dollar Template Library:

At the risk of writing a doc longer than the a government bill…

Let your fingers do the walking in the million dollar library and you’ll find emails, social posts, landing pages, dm sales examples, objection UN-handling examples and entire campaign including emails, landing pages and more, ready for you to deploy. **One campaign did $250,000 from a list less than 9,000 with NO PHONE CALLS, NO WEBINARS, NO VIDEO AND NO DMing…Yours for the taking!