Tony Hill – Pin Point Traffic

It’s a unique method that…

Pinterest is one of the only ways left to get free, organic traffic. If you are a niche site owner or blogger, you can get a flood of traffic to your site with my P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. Method

For niche sites
Most Pinterest strategies out there are mostly for promoting affiliate links. P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. is likely the only one out there designed FOR niche sites and getting more display ads revenue.

Increase rev
If you don’t have Pinterest in your traffic mix already, or earned from Pinterest you are in for a treat. The RPMs you can get are bonkers. One person got an average of $65 (!) RPM in the last few months

AI first
Pinterest is AI-friendly both with images and text. And I’ve been driving most of my traffic with AI tools. And I’m not holding back, I’ll give you my prompt that writes descriptions so good, you wouldn’t know it’s AI.

This is not theory. There’s 50 million clicks backing up the effectiveness of my P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. method. With my own results and those of a select few, that number is probably 5x.

What’s Inside Pin Point Traffic?
This course is multimedia (Text, Images, Videos). The abundance of text and images make it easier for you to go back and reference and easier for me to make updates as I adapt my strategies over time (Note: Course is lifetime access). Videos include behind-the-shoulder sessions, step-by-step tutorials & more.

▶️The top 3 ranking factors in Pinterest

▶️ Cheat sheet: 144 content appeals for more clicks

▶️ Rule of 3: The must haves of a new account

▶️ The two main Pinterest content types that work

▶️ How to use TOBI pins for getting traffic back to your site

▶️ Jon Dykstra’s high level Approach to pinterest

▶️ The 3436 main Pinterest categories and subcategories

▶️ Behind the shoulder how to create winning pins

▶️ Where to find endless, winning pin ideas

▶️ This little-known official Pinterest tool gives you ideas, keywords and even search volume!

▶️ Stupid simple board organization for more traffic

▶️ 9 steps to pinning as much as 50+ pins per day

▶️ Sneaky: How to use you competitors to drive traffic to your boards

▶️ Top 25 words users can’t resist clicking on

▶️ How I pin 40+ per day without spamming

Everything you need for driving Pinterest traffic to your site

Unique research methods

Can you spot the mistakes that will cost traffic?

▶️ Best pin designs for maximum traffic

▶️ The 15 systems that make Pinterest tick

▶️ How to “bottom up” your boards for maximum traffic

▶️ How to avoid “Death by description”

▶️ The perfect pin: Giving Pinterest what it’s looking for

▶️ 3 step AI secret to beat the highest performing pins

▶️ How even 4 month old pins can get you more traffic

▶️ Done for you 30 minute VA training video

▶️ 3 main styles of pin styles that work over and over again!

▶️ 5 ways to fix low CTRs on your pins

▶️ 6 mistakes never to make with your pins

▶️ Traffic ping-pong: 4 ways to tailor your site for Pinterest

▶️ How to anticipate future trends in your niche

▶️ 5 ways to boost your Pinterest game at the account level

▶️ Word-for-word AI prompt that creates descriptions so good, you’d swear it’s human