Purple Knowledge Lab Money Day and Taboola Day

Purple Knowledge Lab – NEW MONEY DAY & TABOOLA DAY

New Money Day & Taboola Day
Taboola Day
Feb 11, 2019
Special guests:
Nick Shackelford
James Van Elswyk
Maor Benaim “The Wolf”
Matt Smith “Snapchat Matt”
John Belcher
Daniel Javor
Ben Opsahl
Topher Grant
Heath Wilcock
And Special guest: Eliran Ben Yehuda the managing Director of Taboola in Israel and Africa
Location: Jerusalem
Schedule: Taboola Day: 9:00am-6:00pm
New Money Day
Feb 12, 2019
Special guest: James Van Elswyk & Ben Opsahl
Location: Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – Main Room
Schedule: 9:00am-6:00pm
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Nick Shackelford who is the king at Facebook ECOM ROAS. He runs upwards of 35+ brands on Facebook and spends anywhere between $500K to $1MM a day. No one scales at the Jedi-level like my boy Shack.

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