Paul Lee EcomX Mentorship Program

Looking for an EcomX Mentorship review? This is a Shopify mentorship by Paul Lee, who claims to be a successful and active 7 figure dropshipper since 2016.

I got access to his course, training and mentorship, which is an 8 week intensive series, with all the necessary personal support to start a successful business.

Apparently, unlike a traditional course you’ll actually get mentorship. Now the first obvious question is this. If you’re making 7 figures per month/year, why would you coach some students 1-2-1?

Paul Lee is a Youtuber who has been featured in Oberlo. He claims to be verified by Oberlo and Shopify but I’m not sure what exactly that means. Does it mean he did an interview with them? Or have they independently looked over his tax returns?

Paul Lee is responsible for setting up many different Shopify + Clickfunnels stores, driving traffic with Facebook Ads. One of his stores is called HUSKYBEARD which was a beard care business around in 2018 that didn’t last that long.

Paul is a Korean American entrepreneur who is around 24 years old. Based in New Yorka he’s previously mentored students under another brand called

I couldn’t actually find any other stores that he owns, however until a few months ago he was very popular on Youtube, offering his 11,300 subscribers a range of videos on Coronavirus dropshipping, Facebook Ads testing and various general videos.

What is EcomX Mentorship?
EcomX seems to be the new version of eComSwift, atleast the two domains seem to redirect towards each other. While other gurus focus on running their own 7 figure stores and selling courses in the form of training videos, Paul Lee is offering mentoring.

This is 1-2-1, and made clear on his sales page. Over on Instagram there’s many testimonials and student successes, namely in the form of InstaStories.

However it’s actually group training, not 1-1 at all!

The mentoring lasts 8 weeks, it’s not clear what happens after those 8 weeks if you’re still not successful. This is a major gripe I have with paid mentoring, it definitely won’t work for everyone, and if it does work for you, after 8 weeks you could well be on your own unless you pay $500 a month.

You’re not paying an hourly fee like you would with a consultant, so there comes a time when the mentoring they’re providing you can’t be worth their time, and when you’re making 7 figures from dropshipping, surely you’d be more focused on growing those stores to 8 figures.. no?

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