Learngovcon – The Legal Middleman Method

Here’s What’s Included:
In this exciting and resource-packed course, you will learn How to Build a 7-Figure GovCon Services Agency that Subcontracts the Work and Keeps the Profits!

This self-study course is highly recommended for new GovCon startups that are struggling to learn how to legally middleman contracts, and also who need training on responding to SAM.gov bid opportunities.

In this course, you will receive comprehensive training in the following core areas:

✔️ Navigating Federal Regulations to Legally Middleman Contracts, ✔️ Establishing Your Legal Middleman Offer for SAM.gov Bids, ✔️ Responding to Middleman Bids on SAM.gov Start-to-Finish, ✔️ Working with Subcontractors and Teaming Partners, and ✔️ Managing Contracts once you Win!

In this course, you also gain access to many templates including Proposal Templates, Subcontractor Templates, and Capability Statement Templates!

Week 1- Intro and Regulations
LMM Overview
LMM Expectations
Legal Middleman Regulations
No Past Performance
Non-Manufacturer Rule
Week 2- A Winning Offer
7-Figure GovCon Services Agency
Hot Industries
Deal or No Deal
Proof of Concept
Umbrella Strategy
Week 3- Reading & Outlining Solicitation Proposals
Reading Solicitations
Reading Solicitation Ex 1.
Reading Solicitation Ex 2.
Reading Solicitation Ex 3.
Reading Solicitation Ex 4.
Outlining Solicitation Proposals
Outline Ex 1.
Outline Ex 2.
Outline Ex 3.
Outline Ex 4.
Week 4- Pricing, Proposal Writing, Review & Submission
Proposal Pricing
Pricing Tips Ex 1.
Pricing Tips Ex. 2
Pricing Tips Ex. 3
Pricing Tips Ex. 4
Proposal Writing
Response Ex. 1
Response Ex. 2
Response Ex. 3
Response Ex. 4
Review, Submit, Debrief
Review Ex. 1
Review Ex. 2
Review Ex. 3
Review Ex. 4
Submission and Debrief Ex. 1
Submission and Debrief Ex. 2
Submission and Debrief Ex. 3
Submission and Debrief Ex. 4
Week 5- Working with Subcontractors
Rule of 2 with Subs
Sub Site Visit Checklist
Subcontractor Scripts
Request for Quote (RFQ) w/Subcontractor
Subcontractor Markup
Week 6- Contract Management
Contract Award- What’s Next?
Contract Earnings Multipliers

Contract Management
Template Library
Proposal Templates (12 Downloads)
Subcontractor Templates (6 Downloads)
Capability Statements: Double-Sided (12 Downloads)
Capability Statements- Single-Sided (12 Downloads)
(BONUS) FirstFedBid Comprehensive Bid Training
Base Camp
Step 1. Find 25 Practice Bids
Step 2. Setup SAM Saved Searches
Step 3. Select 3 Saved Searches
Step 4. Perform 3 Bid No-Bids
Step 5. Choose the Best 1
Step 6. Reading Bids
Step 7. Outline Bids
Step 8. Pricing Bids
Step 9. Proposal Writing and Forms
Step 10. Review and Submit Bid
Step 11. Play the Numbers Game