Darren Jenkins – AI Info Profits

Here’s What You Get:
8 Video Modules (23 Topics):
Module 1 – Planning Your Info Product
Module 2 – Creating Your Info Product Offer
Module 3 – Setting Up Your Offer To Sell
Module 4 – Getting Traffic To Your Offer
Module 5 – Selling Your Info Product Live
Module 6 – Post Sales (Follow-Up Sequence)
Module 7 – Automating The Sales Process
Module 8 – Advanced Tactics / Mistakes To Avoid
Top AI Income Tools:
The top 3 AI tools I’m using in my businesses
Create entire slide decks within seconds
Create marketing campaigns with the push of a button
These AI tools can help build everything for you!
I’ll show you how to use them, and where to get them
No extra cost – I’ve got your back 🙂
Email Support:
You’ll receive 3 months of unlimited email support to help guide you through using the AI Info Profits system. This will help fast-track your way to success online in your business!

AI Info Profits Planner:
You’ll get my AI Info Profits Planner toolbox. This will help you define your business and product to craft a more compelling and higher-converting online offer.

Winning Webinar Checklist:
My Winning Webinar Checklist (5 pages). Present your webinars without sounding awkward, boring, or salesy. Fix any underperforming webinars and boost sales without re-doing everything or freaking out.

Million-Dollar Slide Deck:
You’ll get my Million-Dollar Slide Deck. It’s copy and paste, just fill in the blanks and you’re ready to go! These slides have generated millions of dollars in sales!

Effective Email Templates:
You’ll get my Effective Email Templates. Avoid costly mistakes of doing it yourself and days (or even weeks) of wasted time. These are my best marketing emails ready for you to swipe!

Ultimate Landing Pages:
Copy my highest-converting landing pages (clone them!). Increase your sign-ups and get more people in front of your offer. More people means more sales!