Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Amazon Ecommerce

NEW FOR 2023
Quickly add 10–15{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} in revenue to your ecommerce brand:
Launch (or scale) onto Amazon in as little as 2 weeks using the proven system from a $150 million/year agency.
Get A-to-Z instructions from Amazon expert Brett Curry on how to set up a high-converting storefront, manage product logistics & use his advanced marketing tactics to unlock the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace.

What You Get:
Crucial Cornerstones Of Amazon Ecommerce
⊕ The Goal
⊕ “It’s Not Too Late to Get On Amazon”
⊕ Making Sales vs. Building a Brand
⊕ Amazon as a Primary or Secondary Channel
⊕ Building Customer Loyalty
⊕ Getting Familiar WIth Amazon

Preparing Your Launch Roadmap
⊕ “Our Brand and Our Customer That’s Our True North”
⊕ Keyword Research
⊕ Keyword Research Template
⊕ Competitor Research
⊕ Refining Keyword Research
⊕ Listing Optimization
⊕ Listing Creation
⊕ Review Acquisition
⊕ “It All Begins with Keyword Research”

Managing Amazon Logistics
⊕ “You Got to Sweat the Small Stuff”
⊕ Account Setup
⊕ Seller Fees & Reimbursement
⊕ Average Cost of Amazon Fees
⊕ Customer Service & Messaging
⊕ Account Settings & Returns
⊕ Managing Shipping, Labeling, & Prep
⊕ Account Health
⊕ “The Devil is Truly in the Details”

Setting Up Your Amazon Storefront
⊕ “I Look at the Storefront As a Litmus Test”
⊕ Amazon Storefront Overview
⊕ Storefront Buildout
⊕ A+ Content Overview
⊕ A+ Content Buildout
⊕ Brand Story Overview
⊕ Brand Story Buildout
⊕ “It’s All About Your Brand”

Amazon Marketing
⊕ “If You’re Not on Amazon, Someone Else is Getting that Sale.”
⊕ Amazon Sponsored Ads
⊕ Components of Sponsored Ads
⊕ Sponsored Product Ads
⊕ Sponsored Brand Ads
⊕ Sponsored Display Ads
⊕ Brand Defense Ads
⊕ Optimizing Your Ads
⊕ Optimization: Bulk
⊕ “Start With the Simple Things”

What Success On Amazon Looks Like
⊕ “Data is Only Valuable If You Take Action”
⊕ KPIs: Knowing What to Measure
⊕ Account Health Audits
⊕ Quarterly Growth Audits
⊕ “What Story is the Data Telling Us?”

Advanced Amazon Strategies
⊕ “Test, Test, Test, and Re-Test”
⊕ Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)
⊕ Google to Amazon
⊕ Converting Search Terms and ASINs
⊕ “Whatever Your ‘Why’
Amazon Can Help You Get There Faster”