Anissa Holmes Facebook Bootcamp

Dr. Anissa Holmes, a practicing Dentist, business acceleration coach, social media strategist, funnel builder, and best selling author has helped thousands of dental practices learn how to get
25-50 plus new patients a month from Facebook Marketing.

Inside of this Facebook Bootcamp you will learn how I get up to 57 patients a month on autopilot while spending less than $500.

You will also learn how to copy and paste my highest-converting ads (which I give you) in less than 1 hour so you or your team can do the same thing too!

Join TODAY and get access to the July Bootcamp!

August Sessions:

August 8- The 3 Secrets To Facebook Success/FB Funnels/FB Live
August 15- Creating Audiences to Target High Income Earners and Ideal New Patients
August 29- Creating High Converting Campaigns and New Patient Aquisition Funnels

Time: 12:00 PM Eastern

All sessions are ONLINE and sessions are RECORDED for future playback.

“I ended with 114 new Patients in May, 120K prod 86K collected! 37 new patients and 40K on the schedule so far for June! ???????? placing implants next month! I’m so happy!”

“I spend less than $500 a month on marketing and my only marketing is what I learned from Dr. Holmes in the Facebook Bootcamp!”

Dr. Shaina Holman

“Yes! I’m Ready to Get 37+ New Patients a Month From Facebook!”

“When people ask me how to get new dental patients using Facebook and Funnels, I tell them to go to Anissa.”
Russell Brunson, Founder of Click Funnels

“Yes! I’m READY!!”
“Yes! I’m Ready to Get 37+ New Patients a Month From Facebook!”
Sara, an Office Manager, generated $9200 in production from a $29 ad….

“I created and “ad” and it just ended. 5 days, $29 spent, 15 likes, 28 leads, and over $9200 revenue!!!!!”

Sara, Office Manager
Dr. Joves had 50 PLUS patients booked before her practice even opened!!!”

“I learned everything about Facebook, Funnels and Marketing my practice from Anissa!” We had THOUSANDS following my practice and had over 50 new patients booked months before we opened!

Dr. Ashley Joves, California

You will get EVERTHING you need to run high converting Facebook Campaigns.. the Images, Ads, and Funnels…

In less than an hour……..!

Total Value: $12,882
Total Cost: Only $997
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Dr. Chay stopped paying for Social Media Services saving THOUSANDS for her practice….
Dr. Andagi spent $2.40 and got 8 new patients….

Thanks Anissa for sharing your knowledge. We started on Tuesday with a New Year New You Campaign Promotion and in 2 days we got 8 new patients!!! The BEST part is we only spent $2.40!!!

Dr. Shakila Angadi, Pennsylvania

I’ve grown my page likes quickly, organically reached more people for engagement, and have stopped paying for social media services, all because you have shown me how to do it the right way.

Dr. Cindy Chay, New Jersey

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