Andy Skraga – The Facebook Traffic Blueprint

What You Will Learn Inside The Facebook Traffic Blueprint Course:
This premium course is designed to be very in-depth and is regularly updated, covering every aspect you will need to learn to conquer Facebook traffic! The course is divided into 10 sections with a total of 35 detailed lessons:

Section 01: Introduction
A great traffic addition or alternative to SEO
Why use Facebook to drive traffic your website?
Section 02: Facebook Niche Selection
SEO vs Facebook when it comes to choosing a niche
What website niches offer the highest ROI
Analyzing successful Facebook pages
Section 03: Setting Up Your Facebook Page Or Group
About Facebook accounts and pages
Facebook page administration and backing up
How many Facebook pages should I create?
Buying an existing Facebook page or group
Section 04: Growing Your Facebook Page Or Group
Acquiring likes and followers for your Facebook page
Growing your page natively on Facebook
Growing your page via the Like Button
Going viral – what does it mean and what happens to your traffic
Section 05: Using Facebook Ads To Buy Followers And Drive Traffic
Using Facebook page like ads to buy followers
Using Facebook page like ads to drive traffic
Section 06: Setting Up Your Website For Facebook Traffic
Adding the Meta pixel to your website
Website layouts for Facebook traffic
Creating website content that works for Facebook
Section 07: What To Post – Content Creation
The different types of Facebook post format
Making the most of status (text) posts
Making the most of image posts
Facebook image formats and dimensions
Adding website links to image or video posts
The importance of the link post thumbnail
Using link posts to drive Facebook traffic to your site
Testing your link posts with the Meta Sharing Debugger
Optimizing your link post title (headline)
How to avoid being banned or suspended from Facebook
Section 08: Post Scheduling And Analytics
When to post Facebook content
Post scheduling tools
Analyzing your Facebook page and post metrics
Section 09: Monetizing Or Selling Your Facebook Traffic Sites
Making revenue from Facebook traffic
Selling your Facebook page or group
Selling your Facebook traffic website
Section 10: Case Studies
Link with image post case study