Tested by millions of dollars to validate and refine the best CBO formulas
Learn how to properly test eCom products (or any other product) with CBO for maximum profitability from day 1
​3 Rapid testing CBO frameworks to suit any budget designed for profitability
​How I achieve 3X ROAS on COLD traffic spending $100,000+ per month using this CBO formula
Copy my CBO scaling strategies that allowed us to spend $35 mil. In 2019 alone
Print and use as your step by step guide in months to come
Learn how to create your own unique hyper-profitable CBO frameworks for your own accounts
Apply these frameworks for info-products and eCom/ dropship businesses
Copy and paste my “retargeting blitzkrieg” framework for 10X ROI
Real Case Studies & Demonstration (no fluff or 10s of pages of theory)
​PLUS: a special 50% discount on ESS program if bought together with the Blueprint – the perfect compliment!
This workshop is 3+ hours of insider CBO knowledge and actionable advice on building a profitable Facebook ads MACHINE.
It’s only for people ready for a fast growth and profitability.
It’s NOT for those looking for magic solution.
Like with everything even if you have the best formula and strategies you still need to test and find your unique approach.
They don’t exist.
It’s ONLY for advertisers already spending money on Facebook ads, from $100 a day all the way to those spending $50,000- $100,000 a day)
I will show you inside of ad accounts spending this much with exact formulas and explanation.
I’m using the same formulas to sell $10s of millions of eCommerce and information products per year plus helping my clients spend millions of dollars per month with unbeatable ROI.
But this training will cover much more than just CBO. It will cover my account structure, testing strategy, retargeting hacks, value optimization techniques and KPI’s we use to achieve profitability for the offers we run.
You might have seen theory packed ebooks and courses. This training is the most up-to-date resource you have ever seen.
Use to scale hard in 2020! Here’s just the part of what’s included:
PART 1: CBO PRO Testing Cheatsheet
The best LLA’s to use with CBO’s ($15MM in tests)
CBO breakthroughs
3 powerful CBO structures for testing any product or offer
​LTV CBO formula for finding hyper valuable buyers
​1% framework for testing CBO’s (the easiest to implement)
​The secrets of broad expansions with CBO’s
​Social proof scaling with creatives for maximum CBO results
PART 2: CBO Profit Optimization Strategy
The eye of providence optimization framework
Media buyer multiplier framework
CBO profit milking strategy
​KPI’s paradigms and keeping eye on the ball
PART 3: CBO Scaling Frameworks
eCommerce case study from zero to $239,329 in sales at profit with CBO’s (all revealed)
Scaling framework 1: 451 formula
Scaling framework 2: Z – scale
Scaling framework 3: 7 by 7 strategy
​Scaling framework 4: ABO overlap
Scaling framework 5: Insider duplicate scaling​
Scaling framework 6: LLA surplus scaling
​Scaling framework 7: Baller scaling formula
Retargeting blitzkrieg and cheatsheet
Advanced LLA Creation Cheatsheet
Case study: $5.4 eCommerce scaling case study, all revealed
​How to Make Creatives that SELL
​Advanced LLA Creation Cheatsheet ( the holy grail of high ROAS campaigns on Facebook)

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